Author Topic: Internode ADSL2+ Metropolitan Outage 30/03....teh 6th alarm internetz crisis  (Read 5068 times)

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So how did everyone cope with todays outage if they encountered it?

Some on the network engineers havent had sleep since 7am yesterday.

Ericsson in Sweden got involved in the development of a resolution....good old skycrane saves the day..

thankfully my day at work was not hell due to our connection being with a unaffected exchange.
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Several friends affected & I think I saw a CFS Region affected. No work related clients & no affect at home.
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Yep,  I was off line for about 12 hours (mostly overnight) which left my server with no access.  Then a short outage about 5pm Yesterday when the DSLAM was reset at the Hampstead exchange. All back to normal now.

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