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Re: ES Reform
« Reply #25 on: July 22, 2014, 04:34:12 PM »
"You are not ranting, but like most people on this forum you appear to want change and are frustrated at the speed in which this is happening (or not happening). If you want to make change then put up a factual WRITTEN case and seek the support of your Brigade, your Group (solidarity in numbers), your Region (get the support of other groups) and put it to CFS."

Unfortunately, voicing your concerns with the CFS only falls on deaf ears. And even if the CFS is interested, they don’t have the funding or the resources to do it anyway.
The CFS and the entire sector needs a shake-up. So as I said before…
The Minister has asked for Volunteer input on the reform process, so put all your ideas and justifications into a structured, factual, well worded format and send them in.
We can all whinge about the problems on this forum to the cows come home, but you are preaching to the converted.
Unfortunately the impression I got from the Minister was that everything is “hunky dorey” on the ground. He needs to be informed otherwise!
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Re: ES Reform
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So what happens when the CFS and the CFSVA are actively working against your brigade, and have actually been caught doing it. What happens when you follow all the process's mentioned and you still get nothing? Are you saying we should just hope for the best.

Did you actually research about the MFS appliances, the smallest they have that are front line are the MUP's which are 500 GPM, all the rest are minimum 1000 GPM or greater, those MUP's are in the process of being replaced. I love it when someone tries to point something out and they don't research it. As for those Iveco's, 2 in and 4 out, who designs these things ??!!

Just sick to death of being bashed by people that are supposed to be looking after us!!

Its to late to say you care CFS


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Re: ES Reform
« Reply #27 on: July 25, 2014, 06:15:19 AM »
Well it seems these meetings are just a light meal and a get together, nothing really interesting.

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Re: ES Reform
« Reply #28 on: July 28, 2014, 10:36:34 PM »
I would love to hear the views from people in SES?

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Re: ES Reform
« Reply #29 on: September 02, 2014, 10:40:06 PM »
** Personal opinion only **
Need to see the discussion paper on the Ministers proposal. Did not attend the meetings because nothing firm in a proposal has been issued.

Indications are that the discussion paper will be out by second week of Sept.

Interesting that the round-table discussions included SAPOL & SAAS. I understand that Police take a percentage of the emergency services levy $$$ & are the control agency for nine types of emergencies in south australia (SES have 2 & MFS/CFS have 3). SAAS completed the structural change from St Johns.... am I reading in too much ??

Indications that the frontline structure (MFS, SES, CFS, Marine Rescue, emergency management) will not change, but I see issues for volunteers in Qld & WA over the years as funding split & permanent staff resources.

Victoria have recently changed so it will be interesting to watch.

Other than government budget $$, I cant see why the change. No email indicates the change is to fix emergency response.

With the increase in Emergency Services Levy bills recently gone out, announcing a decrease in the future cost due to 'efficiency changes' will be a positive for the government.... whether the volunteers like the change or not.

When things change, it will take years of pain before any real impact is felt to the volunteer. As public servants reapply & move jobs in a new structure, will concentration of work by on supporting frontline volunteers ?

The above is my personal opinion only.... also, the new chief needs experience in emergency management & government liaison... who says it needs to come from a fire background...   !!!!
Andrew Macmichael
lives at Pt Noarlunga South.

My personal opinion only.