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Aussie Jokes
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There is this game show where a professor will put any word you say into a sentence.  Joe is a true blue ocker aussie who decides to give it a go.  HE stands up and says "smee."  The professor cant put it into a sentence and time runs out.  Joe stands up and says "I can, garn get f***ed!"  This is an outrage and the show is cancelled for swearing on national live tv.  But it was a popular show so they bring it back 12 months later.  First they have to screen the audience though.  In walks an bearded Irish priest.  He is respectable and knowledgable so they ask him.  He stand up says "smee."  THe professor cant do it and time runs out.  The priest stands up and rips off his beard, its Joe!  "Smee again, garn get f***ed!!!"