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« on: November 11, 2006, 08:44:06 AM »
This week as part of my work job, I spent time up along the mallee and was talking to a number of CFS members who are farmers and I really have to say that those people are feelng it hard. One guy was telling me that he will have to move if there is no rain soon and another who runs a town business that has around 10 guys employed in it is facing closing due to the big dry. The sad part is that if these people do leave and close their business then the local brigade will suffer so much so that one brigade will lose 5 members as there will be no work for them in the area and so off to the city they will go. The future does not look good for our rural members and I was just woundering what if any support CFS has for these members???  In this day and age where we are more busy do we ever talk to members other than at the fire station or down the street and just find out how hard life is really going on the land.

The real CFS is our rural members thats not to say that cfs urban brigades are not part of this group but is there anything we can do to help these members who would not ask for help but rather walk away from the land..... and the community.
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