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Forum Suggestions / Gallery
« on: September 15, 2006, 01:56:51 PM »
im not sure where to post this so ill post it here :)

i tried uploading some pictures that i have of a gas bullet

but its not letting me upload, i press upload and it comes up with some error

Introductions / Saying hey
« on: August 22, 2006, 06:50:50 PM »
hey fellow firefighters
just joined was told about this site from CyberCitizen thought id check it out :D

let me introduce myself

Im Damien from Vic. and in the local CFA.
Im in a town called Hamilton, im 17  and enjoy the job i joined when i was 16 last year in november.
I went to the grampian fires was the best experiance i had. I first went to a town called wilaura, when i was there i was pumped and waiting to put out some fire, as we were going down the road heading north with the grampians in the distance we went into a paddic putting out some fire, about 5 - 10mins later the wind changed north, visiblity was very low i looked back behind us to look at the next truck and all u seen were 2 flashing lights the smoke was so thick, we finaly came to a fence taht was cut, as we went through and 5 metres from us was a house we didnt even know it was there, lucky befor the wind change 5 - 10 mins befor we put out the fire so we were talking wow if we werent there when the wind change we would have lost that house.

any way there is alot more of my story but i dont wanna bore u :)
i am trained in both wildfire and structural fires, did my fire surpression 4 weeks ago all good :D waiting on BA course to come up. Also trench rescue is coming up very soon which i cant wait id love to do trench rescue, but my main focus i wanna get is BA then Hazmat. I basicly wanna be a fully trained firefighter, i heard confined spaces is hard to do as in the test.

anyway dinners ready
have a good one if you wanna hear my full story of the grampian fires when i went just pm me and ill do a write up for ya :)

**edit** im urban by the way :)

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